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Being Safe, Being Prepared

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When we sell a product at a local market or show, we tell our customers "Thank you and be safe". We sell products to help you stay safe, but you also need to be prepared. 

JAG Tactical & Self Defense is sells locally in Central Florida. This is a state that allows concealed carry of a firearm. Even so, there are many residents who don't want to carry a firearm but they still want to protect themselves. In those cases, there are still ways a person can protect themselves without using a firearm to do so. If you're one of those people who feel they wouldn't be able (or don't want to) possibly take a life in self defense, please make sure you are carrying some other sort of personal protection devise. 

Unfortunately our world has gotten too out of hand with people struggling to survive as well as many people not having the proper chance in life to excel. Let's not forget we have a new age of criminals and thugs who are out to do harm to others just for their own enjoyment. The Knockout game being the most known assault going on these days. We need to be aware that there are criminals, thugs and idiots out there with nothing else better to do. If you are not preparing yourself or your loved ones with some sort of protection, you are taking a big chance of having harm come to someone you know. Being in this business, I've heard so many nightmare stories of people being attacked, assaulted and robbed, 

Being prepared for self defense is like taking out an insurance policy on you car or home. You'll want it for an emergency, but hoping you'll never have to use it. With that in mind, please take this post into consideration and give it some thought to protecting yourself and your loved ones before something happens.  

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